5 Signs of Pregnancy With Twins

One of the most beautiful and most wonderful feelings that a woman feels is when she knows the news of her pregnancy, and it becomes more happier when her pregnancy is twin.

Who among us does not want two twin children in his life? Are they identical in appearance, features and everything? During pregnancy, women naturally experience symptoms, indicating this pregnancy and the beginning and completion of the fetus. However, there are some other signs and symptoms that a woman feels that she is pregnant with two twin children. Follow this article and get to know us about the most important of these signs.

1- Nausea and excessive fatigue
A major symptom of a normal pregnancy is the constant feeling of nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning, but it doubles considerably when the pregnancy is twin. Women find that one of the most prominent signs of pregnancy with two children is the increased severity of morning sickness, dizziness and severe and persistent dizziness during the first three months of pregnancy. This occurs as a result of digestive disorders, increased acidity of the stomach. A pregnant mother with twins also feels physical fatigue and excessive fatigue, this feeling is normal during pregnancy, but it increases strongly when the pregnancy is twins. The woman also feels a great desire to sleep, with a sense of lethargy and persistent laziness. This is in addition to the suffering of a pregnant woman with twins from cases of constipation and severe indigestion starting from the first month of pregnancy. This happens because the twins need from the first month is multiplied many times over the pregnancy of one fetus, in terms of rest, sleep, calm and balance.

2- Increased fetal movement early
A sure sign for doctors that a woman is pregnant with twins is that the woman feels fetal movement very early than usual. It is assumed that a pregnant woman with one child will feel the movement of her fetus after the fourth month, but the matter here is different, as the twin children become more and faster moving. Therefore, women feel an increase in fetal movement early in pregnancy, that is, from the tenth to the twelfth week. Also, a skilled doctor can discover if a woman is pregnant with one twin or one fetus, by hearing fetal heartbeats in the sixth week of pregnancy, through ultrasound. It may be difficult for some doctors to determine this often, because the other pulse of the second fetus is weak and inaudible accurately, and the doctor may think that it is the sound of the mother's pulse.

3- Increasing the number of times passing urine and gaining weight
Increased urination is also a common symptom and sign of pregnancy, but when you urinate more often and soon, this is one of the biggest indicators of pregnancy with two twin children. This occurs because the two children apply a great pressure to the bladder, which makes the woman feel she needs to urinate frequently and continuously. Here the woman begins to feel pregnant with twins, and her intuition increases strongly. Studies have proven that there are many pregnant women with twins who believed and felt they were carrying two children before checking with the doctor. This is in addition to the mother's excessive and significantly increased weight than pregnancy with one child.

4- High levels of HCG and protein
A sign of a woman's twin pregnancy is high HCG levels. Once the menstruation is interrupted, and the mother knows the news of her pregnancy, she performs a medical examination by blood, or urine, in order to monitor the levels of HCG in the body. Where the pregnancy is discovered ten days after its occurrence, and this is shown by the levels of HCG. However, when these levels in the body rise above their normal range, then this is a strong indication that the woman is pregnant with two twin children, and this sign is one of the most common signs of twins. Likewise, when a woman performs a protein examination during pregnancy, and her rate is higher than expected, this indicates that she is pregnant with twins.

5- Mother’s womb, chest, and weight gain
After looking at the experiences of many expectant mothers with twins, it became clear that one of his main signs is bloating and aging of the mother's womb above normal. This is evidenced by the work of examinations carried out by the specialist doctor who is responsible for the mother for the period of nine months. With the passage of pregnancy, the woman's weight also increases excessively, and this weight gain is distributed to many areas of the body, including the chest area, due to the milk hormone that becomes doubling. This is in addition to the desire of women to eat significantly compared to a pregnant woman in one child, which causes her to acquire large amounts of fat, which are highly concentrated in the buttocks area.

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