A Slick 'School Lunch for Faculty' Came out

After the online opening due to Corona-19, the problem of providing school meals for faculty members was still controversial, and a smooth solution was introduced.
Principal Hwawon Middle School
Hwawon Middle School (Principal Son Ki-seo) in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, utilizes 'carrying (moving) lunch' to avoid violations of the school lunch law and provide satisfactory lunch to the staff. The school's transportation lunch was taken by Nisser Foods (CEO Hae-Jung Jung), a mid-sized consignment lunch company located in Dobong-gu, Seoul.
Conveying meals are co-cooking in a sanitary facility by a specific company and transporting and distributing the food to the desired school. Nisser Food receives 5,500 won for meals from faculty members and offers high-quality meals consisting of 8 menus including rice, soup, and side dishes and fruit desserts. Culinary workers carefully distribute the food delivered from the restaurant to the lunchroom.
More than 50 faculty members are divided into two teams for jet lag, and cooking staff thoroughly sanitizes restaurants and food utensils before and after meals and in the middle of the meal.
Principal Son Ki-seo “Beautiful companionship, solving the lunch problem of school staff”
Principal Son Ki-seo said, “We tried to solve the school lunch problem by prioritizing active agreements and cooperation among all. Introduced.
 Cooked employees serving to school staff.
Principal Sohn is well-received that he has solved the difficult problems related to school meals, which are complicated by the interests of various members, such as nutrition (teacher), cooks, administrative staff, and teaching staff, through continuous communication and cooperation.
Thanks to this enthusiastic effort, the back door of the first day of school opening was full of warm food delivered as a 'delivery lunch', bright smiles from cooking workers, and thanks and respect from the staff.

The school's transportation lunch is said to have been made through the proposal of nutrition teacher Kim Jung-mi and the active response of principal Son.
What is the plan to keep the school lunch law that school meals without students are illegal and at the same time be easy to get stale at the same time, and to solve the lunch of school staff who worry about leaving corona away by eating outside? After struggling, he came up with a model for the transport meal.
Principal Sohn agreed to conduct transportation lunch after several consultations with the nutrition teacher, vice principal and grade managers, and the case of Hwawon Middle School is evaluated as a model to learn and follow in other schools.
In addition, since the consignment company is expected to take responsibility for the hygiene accident that the food room is most concerned about, the cooking staff are also serving with confidence and joy.
In-depth training to improve the quality of food after school officials
Hwawon Middle School runs its own workshops for education-related education officials in preparation for the school's full-fledged school lunch, as well as solving the school lunch problem. The workshop, which takes place every afternoon, is a time to spread your past three-year diet and look at what you did well, what you lacked, and head to head for better food quality.
Workshops of education officials in the lunchroom.
Principal Son said, “Workshops also plan and negotiate the development of new meal menus, food waste reduction measures, and student satisfaction improvement measures. It is also an opportunity to increase. ”
As a result, they are preparing to distribute food knowledge, information, recipes, etc. that can strengthen immunity to cartoons for students to attend school.
Principal Son Ki-seo said, “Thank you so much for showing all the members of Hwawon Middle School to work together to overcome the current difficulties.” Showed.

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