A Useful Tip for 'Self Beauty' 'How to Use a Mask Pack

To prevent the spread of Corona19, "uncontacted consumption" increases as social distance is implemented. Instead of buying cosmetics directly from the store, they shop online and choose "self-management" instead of looking for a skincare room. Mask packs are one of the most important items for 'self beauty' right now.

▶ Can I choose a mask pack every day?

Since the functional mask package contains different active ingredients, it is fun to choose a package that adjusts to the expected effect (improvement of elasticity, skin whitening, pore shrinkage, etc.). However, using a differently effective package every day can not only wait for the effect, but also irritates the skin. It is effective to use products consistently with the same efficacy according to the skin renewal cycle, which is an average of 28 days.

So is it effective to use the same efficacy pack every day? Functional packs contain concentrated ingredients that can be used daily to irritate the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use a functional mask pack 2-3 times a week.

You also need to check the condition of your skin first. If you have a skin condition or sensitive skin, you should check the ingredients and avoid frequent use. For sensitive skin, a hydrogel mask pack is recommended to minimize skin irritation.

▶ How long should I put it on my face?

If you put the sheet over your face until it dries, it will deprive the skin of moisture. Please note the recommended time for mask pack in manual, but generally 10-20 minutes is adequate. When the mask pack is somewhat damp, the most effective method is to remove the sheet and hit the skin to absorb the remaining essence.

If you don't feel particularly dry after sufficiently absorbing the remaining scent on your face, it's good to cut down on basic makeup steps, like scent or moisturizer. The reason for using too many active ingredients at the same time is that it not only slows down the absorption rate, but can also cause skin problems in case of sensitive skin.

▶ How to maximize the effect of the mask pack?

Clean face wash is a prerequisite for using a mask pack. The active ingredients in the mask pack can be properly absorbed only when debris and dead skin cells are removed. Once a week, exfoliation can be more effective. You can also increase the absorption rate by placing the steam towel on your face for about 10 seconds and then applying a pack of masks. If you want a shrinkage or cooling effect on the pores, you can get the expected effect by storing the mask pack in the refrigerator for about 10 to 30 minutes before using it.

Moisturizing mask packs containing glycerin, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and cellulose are good these days when the skin feels dry and dry. In particular, it is recommended to use a mask pack containing coriander extract and aloe, which help the skin to soften sensitive skin due to the mask that is used daily with Corona 19.

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