Disadvantages to Comparative Teachers Such as Teacher Performance Evaluation and Nutrition Teachers

-'Citizens gather for a society without academic background', urging the abolition of the evaluation system

It was also pointed out that comparisons of nutrition teachers and other teachers were receiving disadvantages compared to those of teachers in the evaluation of teacher performance bonuses.
Since the evaluation of teacher performance bonuses by unit school applies evaluation indicators that are advantageous to subject teachers in a batch, comparisons and teachers are taking over the lower grades.
'Citizens gathering for a society without an academic background' raised the issue of discrimination and ultimately urged education authorities to abolish the performance-based pay system. The current performance-based pay system was strongly criticized that it is struggling with a crude and brutal mindset that even the performance of education can be improved through competition. Although the issue is calling for improvement every year, it is still not improving.
The term 'curricular teacher' refers to a teacher who teaches subjects (Korean, moral, social, math, science, etc.) according to the 「Elementary and Secondary Education Act 'and the Enforcement Decree of the same law. 'Non-curricular teacher' refers to health teachers, nutrition teachers, librarians, professional counselors, etc. that are not the main tasks in the school field.
According to this group, according to the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education's performance bonus payment guidelines in 2020, the performance evaluation grade of teachers is divided into 3 grades (S, A, B) and the performance bonus is paid according to the grade. It is recommended to assign 30% of the S grade, 40% of the middle grade A, and 30% of the lower grade B grade.
However, when evaluating the performance bonus, the same performance-level evaluation index was applied to the teacher comparing with the subject teacher, and the result was evaluated by integrating the teacher with the teacher compared to the teacher within the unit school. 10.5%, grade A was 22.91 ~ 27.21%, and grade B was 62.29 ~ 67.13%, mainly in the lower grade.
It was confirmed that the comparison teachers had been given lower grades than the teachers.
In response, Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education's 'Quality Assessment Evaluation Indicators' and 'Quality Assessment Evaluation Indicators' in the Qualitative Assessment Evaluation Indicators can be modified, added, and deleted autonomously in the unit school to maintain equity between the comparison teacher and the subject teacher. The multilateral evaluation management committee claims that it can be modified.
However, according to the related guidelines, only one or more teachers of the comparison department are encouraged to participate in the composition of the multi-faceted evaluation management committee, and it is difficult for the committee to prepare performance-level evaluation indicators reflecting the characteristics and opinions of the comparison and teachers. Explained.
The organization said, “Even if the multi-faceted evaluation and management committee is fairly formed and evaluation indicators are prepared, the existence of the performance-based pay system itself is easy to act as a force that pushes the denomination into conflict and confusion.” , While ranking the members of the educational community, the self-esteem of the members must be distorted or plunged to the floor. ”
In recent years, most teachers' organizations, such as the Pedestrian Federation, have called for the abolition of performance pay, which lacks feasibility and fairness. In addition, the National Metropolitan and Provincial Education Supervisory Commission also requested the government to promptly abandon the teacher performance pay system, which is a major cause of the deterioration of education sites and the weakening of educational power.
“In this situation, the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education is raising controversy by stating sanctions for equal distribution and circulation grades in the guidelines for paying performance bonuses for education officials in 2020.” By rooting out the various evaluation systems that have been established, it is necessary to support the educational system in which educational subjects such as teachers and students grow and cooperate by themselves. ”

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