The More I See, the More I Fall

Born in 1994. I am from Seoul. The debut film 'Wild Flower', which contains the stories of runaway girls (2014). In 'Black Priests', he appeared as a 'Yeongju shaman' who played good with his head on his back, and won the 41st Seoul Independent Film Festival's Independent Star Award for 'Steel Flower', which was released in April. I had a brief experience in the theater department in high school, but I never really learned acting. This is the only known fact about actor Jung Ha-dam (22). One more thing to do is that director Lee Hae-young, who directed 'Madonna of the Heavenly Chancellor', appeared in an entertainment program and praised her as an “actor of great presence”.

As soon as I sat at the table with her, I poured out the questions I prepared. It was because he was already caught up in great curiosity before meeting. A short meeting of just over 2 hours does not reveal a person deeply. Only one thing was clearly realized. That the modifier 'new monster' should be used for such actors.

I was surprised that I had never learned acting. The acting of the theater department in high school remains a happy memory. But at that time, I never thought about becoming an actor. The university also went on to an unrelated department, but I still have some regret about acting. So I took a leave of absence and prepared for the entrance exam for theater and film. The result was every fall. I started going to audition because I thought I had to get used to acting in front of people.

The relationship with director Park Seok-young, who directed 'Wildflower' and 'Steel Flower', also began at the audition.Yes. In the case of the 'wild flower' audition, I applied without hesitation because I didn't have to have any experience. I didn't expect much from the beginning, and just watching the audition was good. By the way, I remember having a lot of trouble with my interview five times. Eventually, I received a text message saying I was going to appear and was delighted to fly.

He has a very attractive face. It is said that Han Ye-ri and So-dam Park are rising stars in the independent film industry. It's an honor to see you like that. It's a great compliment to me. I think it's really difficult to be an 'independent filmmaker'. I am glad that the actors who worked in the independent film industry are often good. I think I was lucky too.

I wonder what it was like as a child. He was a kid who really liked hanging out with friends. I tried a lot to build good relationships with people. I can't stand someone who hates me, and if there is a problem, I have to solve it right away. So I always had a lot of conversation with my friends. I also liked to read books so much that I dream of a novelist. In particular, I was very impressed with the novel “Whale” by the author of Cheonmyeonggwan. But I can't see well these days. When I was in high school, when I saw the news that there were less than two books a month for adults, I didn't understand. I wondered, 'Why don't you read that book?', But I'm the only adult (laugh).

You might also want to write a scenario later.There is no great greed. I think I can use it for acting. I think it will help a lot. Sometimes I'm confused because I don't film works in order. If I write a scenario, I wonder if the director will understand how to connect each god when shooting.

The more I see, the more I fall, Jung Ha-dam.
The more I see, the more I fall, Jung Ha-dam.

Hadam, the girl who endures the harsh world.
The film 'Steel Flower' is her solo lead. The name of the play is also called 'Hadam'. Hadam lives alone on a cold street without a friend, family, or home. One day, she happens to be fascinated by tap dancing, and dances to find the pride of life when she gets through. During the one-and-a-half-hour showtime, the ambassador doesn't say a few words, but she draws the power with force. The cry of “I want to work,” says Howham, extending to the story of everyone looking for a place to live, a job, and a dream.

Hadam's life in the movie is far from normal. How did you understand the character? I thought it was a child with principles of life. For example, Hadam never sells his body. No matter how much money you want to make, you want to work in the right way and get paid for it. I played this part with the most importance. Overall, I wanted to have a strong feeling.

Because there were not many lines, it would have been difficult to act. Of course, there was that part. In fact, it was hard to have more gods alone than without ambassadors. It was better when I was filming a meeting with the owner of a sushi restaurant or an aunt with a leaflet, but I struggled a lot to express myself lying in a shabby room alone.

Hadham believes in a statement that her mother, who will give money by turning a flyer for her, and the president of an eel house who will come tomorrow and get the work done. Eventually, I didn't get a penny. It was very rough, but I felt pure.I think I could do nothing but believe. There must be doubts, but I have no choice but to believe it. You have to make money, so you have to work. When you don't get paid for what you've worked for, you complain and feel angry, but basically believe. It's an inevitable choice rather than a belief in people.

In the background, the lonely sea of ​​Busan, Daldongne, and entertainment districts went well with Hadam, who wandered around. There are no ointments in Busan. When I first went, I felt like I was on a trip, so it was good. From the time of filming, the feeling gradually decreased. It is a big city, but it is different from Seoul. The scenery of the port and the dialect were unfamiliar, so I felt strongly in 'Taj'. So it seemed to fit well with the character. I had nothing

left to do to my heart's content
. There was only one reason to keep holding on to the string 'acting'. It was just good. I've already taken the lead role in two films, and I also have an agency that manages the schedule. Now all she has to do is show her the acting she wants to do.

Do you have any regrets about your acting major? When I didn't work, I had a regret. Then, when I passed the audition and filmed, I was put on hold. I think it's gone now. If you re-enter now, your age and age will be quite different, but I'm so embarrassed and disliked to hear your sister and sister (laughs). If you walk away while writing respect, you will definitely not be a good friend. But these days, I suddenly feel like I want to make new friends.

I heard that you will also appear in Park Chan-wook's 'Lady'. It's a maid, but it's a very small part. It may be hard to find (laughs). I watched an audition before the debut film 'Wild Flower' was released. I was wondering what kind of director Park Chan-wook would be, but I was eager to do it. It was when I had little experience, and I was lucky. It's a great honor to be with Director Park and my great seniors.

The more I see, the more I fall, Jung Ha-dam.
The more I see, the more I fall, Jung Ha-dam.

Following 'Wild Flower' and 'Steel Flower', it was also cast in Park Suk-young's last flower series, 'Re-Flower'. How advanced is 'jaeflower'? This is the stage where the director is writing the scenario. So I don't know well yet. Unlike the 'Steel Flower' Hadam, I only know that I play a character who has a family and a home to live in. I'm already looking forward to seeing what scenarios will come up.

I was talking about flowers. What if you like to compare yourself to flowers? anemone! Anemone was selected as 'Hadam Flower' during the movie promotion. It is a unique and pretty flower. It is not easy to recognize the charm before it blooms, but if you wait with a little space, you can meet colorful flowers.

Are there any genres you would like to play? Originally, I liked the calm drama, but nowadays, I want to do a genre that deals with stories that might be possible in movies, such as action objects or science fiction. I'm confident that I can play a special role as well as shoot a gun and play a role that is somewhat different from reality (laughs). I want to wear a space suit!

Then what is the most interesting thing besides a movie now? When I was in high school, I enjoyed playing guitar. Of course I don't do it right now. I watched the movie 'Height Pool 8' a while ago, and there was a scene where Jennifer Jason Lee sings while playing the guitar. When I saw it, I wanted to play both guitar and sing like her. Whenever I'm bored, I don't just spend time trying to practice guitar.

I started with just one desire to act and came here. I've been working hard so far, but I think this is how I can do better in the future. Above all, I realized that it's most important to have fun in any situation because it doesn't go the way I want. I am very happy and thankful that I received a good evaluation from 'wild flower' to 'steel flower'. I will never forget this heart now.

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