How to Relieve Symptoms of Pregnancy Nausea  

The period of motherhood is one of the instinctive stages of the female, where she is waiting to become a tired mother, although it is a stage full of changes that are harsh and cumbersome. In this context, we will highlight the pregnancy, which includes many of the most stressful issues for women, the first of which is nausea of ​​pregnancy, which appears in the first months of pregnancy. In this article, we will give you some tricks to help relieve nausea.

Tips to relieve pregnancy nausea

Drinking fluids during main meals: If you are drinking fluids during the main meal, such as water or soft drinks, you will definitely feel nauseous, so try to avoid drinking fluids of all kinds while eating, provided that it is done separately at intervals between meals.
Ice cream: a trick that gives you the desired results to combat morning sickness, which occurs primarily due to increased estrogen secretion and an increased sense of smell in pregnant women. Here, it is useful to eat cold food such as ice cream, which reduces the feeling of continuous nausea.
Pressure on the wrist: Morning sickness is one of the most important things that interrupt the pregnant woman and this condition can be alleviated by pressing for a while on the right wrist and then the left wrist immediately after waking up in the morning. A simple method, but its results have been proven, according to recent studies.
Starches: Starchy foods like biscuits and slightly salted cakes help relieve nausea in the morning. Eat a little when you wake up, then wait 15 minutes before eating anything or drinking fluids. The carbohydrates help to stabilize the level of sugar in the blood during sleep.
Banana: It contains a large amount of vitamin B6, which helps reduce nausea in the first months of pregnancy. This vitamin is available in bananas, so you can take it during the day to have some relief.
Foods rich in vitamins: Obtaining a healthy diet helps provide important elements of the body such as minerals and vitamins, which help the body resist pregnancy symptoms, especially morning sickness, as well as lower back pain due to increased belly size. Make sure madam to eat vegetables and fruits because it is rich in minerals and everything the body needs.
Whole grains foods: Whole grains are among the elements that help to improve digestion and treat constipation, which is one of the expected problems during pregnancy, in addition to relieving the morning sickness effectively.
Fresh lemon juice: lemon juice is one of the juices that have a distinct smell and taste, so you can put small drops on food and drinks to get rid of feeling sick.

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