Well-Being Steamed Food Without Worrying About Fat - Advantages and Disadvantages of Steamers & How to Use Them

Drain the oil and cook lightly!
How often do you cook steamed winter delicacies?

When I entered the house in the cold winter weather, I remembered the good thing if a steamer with warm steam was on the gas stove. In particular, the sweet scent that comes out when you open the lid of the bamboo steamer is a warm memory of the winter when you first feel the tip of your nose. In a Kankan steamer placed on a large pot, freshly steamed sweet rice, sweet dumplings, and sweet potatoes used to come out as snacks. When I saw food coming out of the steamer in the afternoon afternoon, it seemed like I was looking at a treasure chest where my mother used magic.

However, do you think that it is cumbersome to say 'steamed' because the volume of cooking utensils is not easy and the dishes are burdensome? Nowadays, steam cookers are more convenient because they come from pressure cookers that are cooked faster to electric steamers that are cooked by setting a timer. Nowadays, where healthy recipes are a hot topic, instead of cooking in boiling water or roasting and roasting, try a simple dish with a steamer tonight.

Part 1 A  la carte dish that enriches the table.

“It is not a hassle when preparing meals as long as you prepare the ingredients in advance. In particular, let's enjoy steamed dishes that can be eaten lightly without worrying about calories.

Choose according to your cooking style!

Advantages and disadvantages of steamer & how to use it

Electric steamerUnlike ordinary steamers that take time to boil, the electric steamer sprays steam within 30 seconds. Also, it has two or three stages, so it is good to be able to cook several dishes at the same time. As the mesh plate is finer than a regular steamer, the heat spreads faster, so the cooking time is shortened by 5 ~ 10 minutes. Having a timer and turning it off automatically after an appropriate cooking time is also very helpful when preparing a busy holiday or housewarming meal.

When using electric steamer divided into several stages at the same time, cook the sauce or binary colors fall should be placed at the bottom. Also, for fishy dishes such as tofu and fish, don't put a seasoning in the middle, make the seasoning a little thicker, and then simmer it for 10 minutes more than usual and put it in an electric steamer. You can add vegetables and boil for about 1 minute when the water vapor has risen sufficiently before cooking.

Pot + Stainless Steel Steamer
Steamer used with stainless steel steamer on the pot is the most comfortable item to use at home. In particular, it is important that steamed dishes are cooked to the inside by steaming with the remaining residual heat. At first, start with medium heat, cook, turn off the fire, and heat the ingredients to make the surface soft and elastic. In this regard, the advantage of being able to control the fire directly is to put the stainless steel steamer on the pan. To use a

stainless steel pot as a steamer, first, the pot is deep and has a large size, and it is thin, so it must be selected as the water boils quickly. In addition, steaming the cooking ingredients for a long time is easy to destroy the nutrients, so after steaming enough in the steamer, it is good to add vegetables and steam quickly.

Bamboo steamer
In addition to the taste of light steamed dishes, a bamboo steamer that can properly feel the flavor of bamboo that comes out when you open the lid. Unlike other steamers where water vapor rises and water droplets form when steaming, the lid of the bamboo steamer does not drip water onto the food because the lid is moisturized. The small size of less than 21cm is convenient because it can be set for 1 person without putting it in a bowl. The steamer size is more than 25cm, so it is convenient to use throughout.

Tip As
it is a cooking utensil used for health reasons, when choosing a steamer, choose a domestic product that does not undergo chemical treatment. If the smell peculiar to a bamboo steamer is unpleasant, boil it once in charcoal water and use it. If you want to preserve the taste of the ingredients so that they do not become dull due to moisture, you can put another thick kitchen towel under the bedcloth.

Pressure cooker
Pressure cooker that can cook any ingredients quickly and easily with high pressure and high temperature. In particular, it is popular as a tool that can cook well-being because it is cooked with only the moisture of the ingredients itself without adding water and has little nutritional destruction and loss. In particular, the pressure cooker made of a class material combined with stainless steel and aluminum has improved thermal conductivity and heat retention, so that when cooking, the side surface does not burn, the floor does not boil well, and cooking becomes very quick.

It is more effective to take time to bite with a slightly harder material such as chicken, meat, sweet potato or potato, rather than a material that is too fragile or a vegetable that is too blue. When cooking with a pressure cooker, when the pressure starts to shake, it is good to turn off the fire and make the final taste with the internal heat of the pressure cooker.

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